Violence against women, school violence, and sexual offenses

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The Women and Child Crimes Team consists of skilled attorneys who have served as prosecutors, chief prosecutors, and branch chiefs for many years, even though they have been prosecutors at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office. Through strong teamwork and collaboration, we provide the optimal solution to the crimes of women and children.

The School Violence and Sexual Violence Team consists of attorneys with experience previously as the head of the Women and Children's Crime Investigation Department at the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office, the head of the Women's Policy Division, the Human Rights Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor of the Special Department of the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office, the mediator of the Seoul Central District Court, and based on the extensive experience in dealing with sexual crimes, school violence, and child and women's crimes, we provide specialized and individualized intensive services to clients in various positions such as public officials, medical personnel, and teachers. On the basis of smooth communication and teamwork, we will effectively solve client difficulties together.


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