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Jong Mo CHOI

Passed the 40th Korean Bar Exam (1998)

  • TEL

    +82 2-2046-0632

  • FAX

    +82 2-3482-1177

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  • Seoul National University, College of Law, LLB (1987)
  • Konkuk University, Graduate School of Real Estate Studies, Master (2005)
  • Kwangwoon University, Graduate School of Construction Legal Affairs, Master (2009)


  • Partner, Dain Law Office (2001-2007)
  • Legal Advisor, Korea Land & Housing Corporation (2002)
  • Legal Advisor, architectural administration, Seoul Gangnamgu Office (2003)
  • Legal Advisor, Goodmorning City Contracting Party Conference (2003)
  • Legal Advisor, Korea Association of Realtors, Seoul Kangnamgu branch (2004)
  • Auditor, Northeast Infrastructure Association (2006)
  • Legal Advisor, Construction Portal ‘’ (2008)
  • Arbitrator, Construction Area, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2009)
  • Korean Bar Association construction/real estate law specialist registered (2010)
  • 부회장, 한국건설법무학회 (2015)
  • Partner, Dongin Law Group (2007-Present)


  • Dispute over real property owned by a clan of which title is trusted
  • Cases related to real estate purchase contract and lease contract
  • Cases in relation to termination of lot sale contract for a large scale commercial shopping mall
  • Revocation of fraudulent acts, preliminary attachment, temporary injunction
  • Construction case such as claim for construction service fee, defects in apartment construction, subcontracting, joint contract, construction guarantee, government contracts (limitation on participation of unfair bidder in auction), preliminary injunction against construction/interruption to construction, real property development (transfer of business implementation right), redevelopment and reconstruction (request for sales, affirmation of nullity of resolution of association members’ meeting), auction (registration/record of land right), right to purchase lots, right to occupy
  • Debtor rehabilitation procedures such as allowance of unsecured claims
  • Cases related to management of multiowned buildings
  • Purchase/sales of construction companies
  • Project financing related to real property development
  • BTO (build transfer operate) related to Seoul Metro
  • 다수의 시행사, 시공사 법률자문