M&A·Management Rights Dispute

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M&A/Management Rights Dispute Team 1 consists of a number of attorneys with expertise in each field and attorneys at law licensed in the U.S., led by Partner Chang-yeon Won, Partner Sung-ha Park, and Hyun-cheol Yoon.
We promptly respond to rapidly changing situations in a short period of time. Also, in the case of general civil litigation disputes, the procedure for disputes from the first instance to appeals court and the Supreme Court is guaranteed, whereas the provisional disposition for management rights disputes is practically decided within the first trial. In most cases, the fate of the company and management rights depends on the outcome of the dispute over management rights. Thus, our team must be formed with lawyers having expertise and Track-Record and provides the optimal solution for acquisition and defense of management rights, and corporate restructuring.
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Practice Areas

  • Established and advised on response strategies for acquisition of management rights for hostile M&A
  • Established and advised on pre- and post-defensive strategies to defend management rights in response to hostile M&A
  • Set up strategies to respond to all provisional injunctions and litigation for management rights
  • Opened bidding to select a preferred negotiator at the stage of supervising the sale to take over management rights, signing a preferred negotiation contract, signing an investment agreement and memorandum of understanding, conducting preliminary due diligence and main due diligence of the target company
  • Advising on the conclusion of the transaction after signing the management right transfer contract, and carrying out all kinds of advisory services n business combination reporting, etc.
  • Reviewing management rights transfer contracts such as convertible bond acquisition contract (CB), bond acquisition contract (BW), conversion redeemable preferred stock acquisition contract (RCPS), shareholder agreement (SHA), stock transfer contract (SPA), investment contract, etc. and advising on all supplementary agreements
  • Advising on corporate mergers (simple mergers, small-scale mergers), divisions (simple division, divisional merger/material division, human division/extinction division, surviving division), capital increase and reduction, investment conversion, etc.
  • Consulting on corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy filing and proceedings.