Government contracts and bids

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Government Contracts and Bidding Team 2 is specialized in handling disputes such as litigation, arbitration, advice, and mediation arising out of construction, goods, and service contracts subject to the national and local contract laws. Since the late 1990s, as well as bidding disputes that have been increasing rapidly, disputes over construction projects ordered by the state, local governments, as well as public institutions are also rapidly increasing. The team has been created to provide the best legal services to clients based on their achievements and experiences.
In addition, our team did not just perform lawsuits against government contracts, but proposed mediation through the Korea Commercial Arbitration Center to minimize damage caused by lawsuits, and dispute resolution through national contracts and local contract dispute mediation committees, resulting in satisfactory results to the clients.
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Practice Areas

  • Bid disputes, such as suspension of bid procedures for government agencies, and lawsuits for confirming the status of successful bidders
  • Dispute for claiming damages and returning design compensation costs due to bid rigging
  • Dispute to claim unpaid construction costs or additional construction costs against government agencies
  • Dispute for adjustment of contract amount due to change in construction design, price change, and other contract details (including indirect costs due to extension of construction period, change of Sato transport distance, various actual expenses due to stone pipe work, etc.)
  • Advice and cancellation litigation on sanctions by government agencies
  • Civil, criminal, administrative, etc. consulting and related litigation for major technical accidents
  • Various guarantee disputes such as government contract performance guarantee, advance payment guarantee, etc.
  • Disputes on various preservation measures such as temporary disposition for suspension of construction by government agencies and temporary disposition to prohibit construction interference