Urban Development Improvement Project

  • Introduction
  • Major Deals and Cases
  • Recent Winning Cases
  • Publocations


The Urban Development Maintenance Project Team of DongIn Law Firm is responsible for the protection of the rights and interests of project participants such as owners of land, etc. For this, we provide comprehensive and systematic legal services from the initial stage of business to the stage of business termination.




Practice Areas

  • Association establishment promotion committee, association establishment, association management advice
  • Disposition for ban on holding general meetings such as unions/disposition for suspension of effectiveness, disposition for suspension of duties such as union heads, etc.
  • Revocation or invalidity confirmation lawsuits for association establishment approval, business plan approval, management disposition
  • Advised on compensation for losses (operating compensation, compensation for obstacles, etc.)
  • Revocation or annulment confirmation lawsuit for the designated disposition of designated maintenance zones, disposition by district unit plan (change), and disposition for restitution, etc.
  • Advised on the preparation/review of the public offering guidelines for private businesses, and the preparation/review of business agreements with private businesses