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Partner (Patent Attorney, Tax Advisor)

Dong Wook KIM

Passed the 39th Korean Bar Exam (1997)

  • TEL

    +82 2-2046-0608

  • FAX

    +82 2-3482-1177

  • E-MAIL


  • Seoul National University, BA in Asian History (1992)
  • Yonsei University, Graduate School of Law, Master in Intellectual Property Law (2004)
  • U.C. Berkeley School of Law, Visiting Scholar (2012 - 2013)


  • Aram Law Office (2000)
  • 변리사 등록 (2000)
  • license corporation 아람 (2000)
  • Human Law Office (2002 - 2006)
  • Legal Advisor, Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund (2003)
  • Member of the Special Commission for the Research on Cyber Information at the Seoul Bar Association (2005)
  • Legal Advisor to Kwanak District Office (Seoul, 2006 - 2009)
  • Member of Human Resources Committee of Kwanak District Office (Seoul, 2007 - 2010)
  • Member of Intellectual Property Right Committee of Korean Bar Association (2007 - 2009)
  • Associate, Dongin Law Group (2006 - Present)


  • 1. Patent/Utility Model
  • Mobile game service method patent infringement suit (S*** Telecom)
  • Credit card sales slip patent infringement suit (H*** Information and Communication)
  • Outdoor advertising balloon utility model infringement suit (D*** AD)
  • Organic polymer humidity sensor patent infringement suit (S*** Hitech)
  • ATM booth related rotating side system utility model infringement suit (I***)
  • LED display patent infringement suit (B***)
  • Grass protection mat utility model infringement suit (K***)
  • Laminate storage patent infringement suite (R***)
  • Infringement of method patent related to file storage and delivery on internet messengers (M***)
  • Portable screen patent infringement suit (K***)
  • Other patent registration nullity cases
  • 2. Trademark/Design
  • Appeal of refusal ruling in FUBU trademark case (S***)
  • SECOM trademark infringement suit (Japanese company S***, Korean company S***)
  • ‘Daeil Academy’ trademark infringement suit
  • Trademark infringement suit related to Ssalrobyul and Ssalroppyung (Y***)
  • ‘Expediteres’ trademark registration nullity suit and unfair competition activity prohibition suit (U.S. company E***)
  • ‘N TOP’ service mark infringement suit (S***)
  • ‘Paolo Gucci’ trademark licensing suit
  • ‘VERSACE’ trademark related unfair competition activity prohibition suit
  • ‘HIRO MASUMOTO’ trademark related infringement suit (B***)
  • ‘XLO’ trademark related unfair competition activity prohibition suit (D***)
  • “GINGER’ bag trademark infringement suit (S***)
  • Objections to trademark application (in relation to ‘GAP’ and ‘GPA’ trademarks)
  • ‘APRICA’ trademark related unfair competition activity prohibition suit
  • ‘Yeonhajang card’ related design right infringement suit
  • Kitchenware related design right infringement suit (I***)
  • Bookmark holder related design right infringement suit
  • ‘태양광 안내판’ 디자인권 침해소송
  • Other trademark registration nullity cases
  • Other suits to prohibit use of trademarks (E***, J*** etc.)
  • 3. Copyright/Entertainment
  • Oasis record copyright infringement suit
  • Copyright infringement suit related to the books published by Police Mutual Aid Association
  • Copyright infringement suit related to font programs
  • Publicity right infringement suit related to the film ‘Old Boy’
  • Publicity right infringement suit related to celebrity H*** (against S*** telecom and G*** system)
  • Copyright infringement suit and suit to prohibit use of the book title in relation to the educational cartoon ‘Survival’ series
  • ‘살아남기’ 학습 만화 시리즈 저작권 관련 소송 (M사)
  • Advised Korea International Trade Association on its copyright matters
  • 4. Trade Secret/Trade Dress
  • Criminal offense of trade secret infringement related to high purity silicon manufacturing method using metallurgical method
  • Trade secret infringement suit related to Rocket Electric
  • Trade dress infringement suit related to ‘Valentine’ and ‘Scotch Blue’ product containers
  • Trade dress infringement suit related to ‘Lipton’ and ‘Damtuh’ product packages
  • 5. Civil Litigation, Administrative Law, Labor, Family, Restructuring, and Arbitration cases
  • Street cleaners’ wage claims
  • Administrative suit related to permits, licenses and government taking (Kwanak District Office, Seoul)
  • 토지수용 관련 행정소송(서울시 관악구)
  • Administrative suit ro revoke administrative dispositions of profit permit for government owned property and development charge.
  • Revocation suit for non confidence against the chairman of the National Assembly
  • Provisional disposition suit for temporary status of the college admitted
  • Provisional disposition suit for suspension of calling for military service
  • Arbitration for a construction claim (S***)
  • International arbitration for a damage claim
  • Damage claim for apartment construction noise
  • Claim for late fee for delayed installation of a factory machine (L***)
  • Damage claim for exaggerated apartment advertising (S***)
  • Restructuring petition (M***)
  • Other civil litigations and family law cases
  • 6. Corporate Advisor (intellectual property rights, e commerce, Internet, personal information protection, corporate law, R&D, licensing)
  • Samsung C&T Corporation, Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd., Shinsegae, CJ, Cowon System Inc., Woori Homeshopping, KIST, Police Mutual Aid Association, Kwanak District Office (Seoul), Gangneung Information Technology, Hangaram Investment Co., Ltd., Designer Club, JEI corp., Korean Study Materials Association, Miraen, Damtuh Co., Ltd.등


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