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Dae Hae YUN

Passed the 39th Korean Bar Exam (1997)

  • TEL

    +82 2-2046-0665

  • FAX

    +82 2-3482-1177

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  • Seoul National University, Bachelor in Political Science (1993)


  • 제40회 행정고시(일반행정) 합격(1996)
  • Prosecutor, Seoul Central District Public Prosecutor's Office (2000)
  • Prosecutor, Cheonan Branch of Daejeon District Public Prosecutors' Office (2002)
  • Prosecutor, Ulsan District Public Prosecutors' Office (2004)
  • Prosecutor, Suwon District Public Prosecutors' Office (2006)
  • Prosecutor, Department of Justice 통일법무과 Prosecutor (2009)
  • Supreme Court 특수사법제도연구회 위원 (2010. 02. -2011. 02.)
  • Prosecutor, Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutors' Office (2012)
  • Partner, Dongin Law Group (2013 - Present)


  • 1.As prosecutor,
  • Investigated quasireporter cases (17 people recognized, 13 people placed in physical custody)
  • Investigated Hyundai Motor Company’s temporary workers’ strike case
  • Investigated Ulsan construction plant union strike
  • Investigated Korean Government Employees’ Union strike
  • Investigated a National Assembly member SeungSoo Cho’s violation of election law case
  • Investigated dereliction of duties of Head of the Ulsan East/North District Office by refusing to take disciplinary actions against government employees participating in strikes
  • Investigated Newcore temporary workers’ strike
  • Investigated disclosure incident of grand canal report of director general of the Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • Investigated the female spy JungHwa Won case
  • Investigated nomination corruption of Creative Korea Party head KookHyun Moon
  • Legislative officer of the Act on Special Cases Concerning Family Relations and Inheritances Between North and South Koreans
  • Investigated other criminal case, special investigation, and public safety case
  • 2.As attorney in Dongin Law Group,
  • Defended clients in Busan nuclear facility corruption case
  • Defended clients in relation to Tongyang Group’s issuance of allegedly fraudulent commercial papers
  • Defended the former president of KT SukChe Lee in breach of trust case
  • Defended celebrities in their prostitution scandal case
  • Defended clients in fixed pricing biding for Four Major Rivers Project case
  • Defended the former director of NIS in relation to internal investigation of OO corporation.
  • Defended clients in an embezzlement case related to Kosdaqlisted DigitechSystems Corporation
  • Defended clients in relation to hostile M&A of Kosdaqlisted Nuriplan Co., Ltd.
  • Defended clients in relation to reconstruction association cases
  • efended clients in corporate embezzlement, tax evasion, and bribery cases


  • 문화부장관표창 (2003)
  • 검찰총장 표창 (2005)
  • 법무부장관 표창 (2011)

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