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Beom Sang LEE

Passed the 27th Korean Bar Exam (1985)

  • TEL

    +82 2-2046-0693

  • FAX

    +82 2-3482-1177

  • E-MAIL


  • Hanyang University, College of Law, LLB (1984)
  • Hanyang University, Graduate School of Engineering (Master in Architectural Engineering, 2004)


  • Naval Judge Advocate (1988-1991)
  • Prosecutor, Incheon District Public Prosecutors’ Office (1991-1993)
  • Prosecutor, Busan District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Ulsan Branch (1993-1995)
  • Prosecutor, Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Eastern Branch (1995-1996)
  • Law Offices of BumSang Lee (1996-2002)
  • Ilshin Law Office (2002-2005)
  • Hwang Mok Park (2006-2014)
  • Lecturer for construction dispute and litigation practice, Korea Productivity Center (2005-Present)
  • Professor, Kwangwoon University, Graduate School of Construction Legal Affairs (2007-Present)
  • professor, Youngsan University, Graduate School of Legal Affairs and Business Administration, Real Estate and Construction practice coursework (2007)
  • Adjunct faculty, Hanyang University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Infrastructure Management, (2008-2009)
  • Office of Court Administration construction audit improvement research group (2013-2014)
  • Partner, Dongin Law Group (2014-Present)


  • 1. Redevelopment/Reconstruction related claims
  • Represented clients in the claim for affirmation of nullity of resolution of reconstruction association members’ meeting
  • Represented reconstruction associations in claims for return of deposit/adjusted money against constructors
  • Represented clients in claim for drawing service fee against reconstruction association
  • 2. Contract money claim for construction companies
  • Claim for general contract money
  • Claim for contract money in relation to nonpayment thereof due to late fees
  • 3. Damages for defect repairs
  • Represented clients in damage claims in relation to defect repairs brought by resident representative board
  • 4. Subcontractrelated claims
  • Claims for subcontract money
  • Claims related to direct payment of subcontract mone
  • 5. Right of light and right of a view claims
  • Damage claims related to right of light and right of a view and represented contractors in preliminary injunction prohibiting construction
  • Won in preliminary injunction prohibiting construction in president of Booyoung v. president of Shinsege case
  • 6. Claims related to joint suppliers
  • Represented joint suppliers in claims for contract money
  • Represented joint suppliers in damage claims for defect repairs
  • 7. Third party damage claims incurred by construction
  • Represented neighborhood residents in preliminary injunction prohibiting construction against constructors due to building cracks, noise, dirt, shaking, etc.
  • Represented constructors in injunctions prohibiting interference with construction
  • 8. Claim for drawing and construction supervision fee and damage claims
  • Claims for unpaid drawing service fee due to termination of drawing service contracts
  • Damage claims for defective drawing and negligent construction supervision
  • 9. Administrative proceedings related to suspension of business and penalty of construction companies and supervision companies
  • 10. Criminal case related to construction
  • Represented supervision companies in relation to collapse of Gajua station collapse accident (acquittal)
  • Represented supervision companies in relation to death from a fall from Uijungbu light rail transport bridge construction structure (acquittal)
  • 11. Advised on various constructionrelated cases
  • Defect in A** Apartment
  • Approval of Use
  • BTL Project
  • Advance payment, withdrawal from joint suppliers, mechanics lien of joint suppliers
  • seizure of contract money and preliminary seizure
  • Other construction related legal issues

Publications and Materials

  • research on countermeasures against civil petitions and litigations in construction of large buildings (Master’s thesis in construction, Hanyang University architectural engineering, 2004)
  • construction litigation practice (2010, 3rd edition)
  • Redevelopment, reconstruction (2010, coauthor)