Environmental Energy

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Established in 2017, growing as a main team among Project Groups within DongIn Law Firm, our team focused on providing advices and representing in administrative litigation with local governments and legal issues regarding Wastes such as the Air Environment Conservation Act, the Water Environment Conservation Act, the Odor Prevention Act and other emission control fields, the Waste Management Act, the Construction Waste Recycling Promotion Act, the Resource Conservation and Recycling Promotion Act, etc.


Practice Areas

  • Waste treatment and recycling fields regarding air/water/odor emission regulations, waste management law, construction waste recycling promotion law, resource conservation and recycling promotion law, etc.

  • Winning the case to cancel the suspension order in the case where an order to suspend operation was issued due to air pollution caused by air emissions from Ascon companies (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzoa pyrene)

  • Leading mediation to cancel the business suspension by proving that the manufacturer's manufacturing process corresponds to the permitted recyclable type in the case where the business was suspended due to failure to comply with the conditions of the recycling business license for the battery separator recycling company,

  • Leading to cancellation of order disposition in the case of ordering the land leased owner to take action, the Central Administrative Appeals Committee asserted that it does not correspond to waste neglect under the Waste Management Act, and that there is a deviation and abuse of the discretion of the Environment Agency that placed an order to put an excessive burden on the land owner at once

  • Other disputes and advice on private investment business law between livestock manure treatment companies and local governments conducted as private investment projects, consultation on odor emission, SRF power plant establishment and construction permit, wastewater treatment company by microbial treatment, food waste treatment company, carbon Advised on emission rights trading company